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The most beautiful waterfalls in and around Riva del Garda

Do you like waterfalls? Discover the most beautiful ones in and around Lake Garda, from the Varone Waterfalls to Nardis, in the heart of Trentino.

The roar of the water, the mist rising lightly, thousands of light reflections – waterfalls are a true natural show, capable of enchanting younger and older people alike. Garda Trentino is full of waterways, canals and streams, which travel across considerable altitude difference as they make their way down the mountains to the lake. Some of them generate real waterfalls. 

In this article, we tell you all about the most spectacular waterfalls to discover in Riva del Garda and surroundings.

Varone Waterfalls

Let’s start with the most famous waterfalls in Upper Garda, also some of the best-known in Trentino – the Varone Waterfalls, in plural form, as their official name states. They are located within a natural park, the “Parco – Grotta Cascata del Varone”, accessible all year round with different opening times depending on the season. Entrance tickets cost 6 euro per person, but there are discounts for families: 22 euros for 2 adults and 2 children, or 26 euros for 2 adults and 3 children. The waterfalls are fed by the waters of the Magnone stream, an emissary of Lake Tenno. The leap is almost 100 meters, and it can be admired from two observation points, the lower and the upper cave. Along the path leading to the cave, you’ll find a botanical garden with typical Mediterranean species like palms, oleanders and olive trees, together with oaks, black pines and larches.

Ert Waterfall

The Ert waterfall is located at the end of a valley full of waterfalls and streams, just north of Riva del Garda, easy to reach with a via ferrata from the hamlet of San Giacomo. To get there, you need to walk about two and a half hours, along a steep, challenging path. However, the view of this 30-meter waterfall surrounded by forest repays you of all the effort! If you still have energy, you can continue to the San Martino archeological site, then descend towards Riva del Garda or continue up to Malga Grassi and from there to the Nino Pernici mountain hut.

Varone Waterfalls

Ponale Waterfall

Gorg d’Abiss Waterfall

Ponale Waterfall

We have already told you several times about the Ponale path, one of the most beautiful and popular in the whole of Garda Trentino. Now, we want to share a true gem hat most people don’t know about – the Ponale waterfall. It is created by the stream of the same name, crossing the road at the Ponale Alto bar, and it is visible in all its beauty only from the lake. It will therefore be necessary to rent a boat, perhaps a canoe or a SUP, to reach the small cave where the waters of the stream flow. You can also join a guided tour organized by local sailing schools. Emotions are guaranteed!

Gorg d’Abiss Waterfall

Let’s move to Tiarno di Sotto, in Valle di Ledro, to reach the Gorg d’Abiss waterfall  – about half an hour by car from Riva del Garda. The path leading to it begins near the Bugatini Mill, where it is also possible to leave you car. Walk for about 15-20 minutes through the woods, alongside the Massangla stream. This is this stream that gives life to the waterfall, after an impetuous rush. All around, nature is truly spectacular, with lush vegetation thanks to the humidity and cool temperature. A must see!

Nardis Waterfalls

Let’s travel a little further and reach Val Genova, a side valley of Val Rendena, about 75 kilometers from us. We are within the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, the largest protected area in Trentino. The Nardis waterfalls are located in the municipality of Carisolo, reachable along the “Sentiero delle Cascate” (Waterfalls Path). The 130-meter jump made by the waters of the Rio Nardis reaching for the ground is what makes this place really spectacular. In the winter months, when temperatures drop below zero, the waterfalls freeze, turning into a paradise for ice-climbing, a spectacular mountaineering activity.

What do you think of this waterfall tour? Are you ready to marvel at the roar of fresh water?

We’ll be waiting for you here in Riva del Garda, with plenty of options for your outdoor adventures.


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