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Travelling safely
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Lifestyle - Smart residence

Our Residence is 100% Ecofriendly!

Protecting the environment where we live to improve everyone’s life – this is a commitment we’ve held close to our heart for many years, ever since we started the project of our Residence.

Over time, interest for a healthy and respectful way of life towards nature has increased, leading us to increasingly conscious choices regarding the improvement of energy consumption, alternative mobility, hygiene products and breakfasts.

This is what we do to reduce our ‘ecological footprint’:


Being Ecofriendly: from architecture to energy

To protect the environment, we tried to respect good architectural and energy practices as much as possible. For instance, we are able to maintain reduced heat loss thanks to last generation thermal insulation coating and fixtures. Moreover, our building is anti-seismic, with targeted structural reinforcements.

As a result, we have chosen to make use of renewable energy sources – our electricity comes exclusively from the hydroelectric plants of Trentino, supplying 100% of energy from natural sources, while heating is guaranteed by a heat pump, as well as by connection to the district heating network.

We also use solar panels to heat sanitary water for the entire residence, we guarantee low energy consumption thanks to home automation, and water saving occurs through jet-breakers and low-flow showerheads.


Alternative mobility

What could be more relaxing than going on vacation and forgetting about your car for a while? For this reason, we provide a garage to leave it safely, so you won’t have to worry about parking.

For our guests, we would like to recommend:

  • more walks! We are in a privileged position with access to cycle paths, the beach, services like supermarket, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours, shops;
  • more bike trips to discover our territory with our free City Bikes and scooters;
  • more sustainable mobility with the Trentino Guest Card, allowing free use of public transport.


Travelling by electric car

 In 2019, the first electric cars filled up with energy directly in our garage, thanks to the new charging station. If you decide to travel ecologically, we will guarantee free underground parking, where the charging column is located. There’s also another advantage: the “fuel” is on us!

Our organic garden and the work of bees

We like to invite with guests to our new organic vegetable garden, perfect for younger and older travellers alike – it’s a different way to spend time together, contributing to self-production.

From spring to autumn, we have tomatoes, courgettes, salads and vegetables for our guests to pick and eat in their own apartment.

When choosing the plants, we paid specific attention to the needs of bees, precious friends of the ecosystem. The more secluded outdoor spaces, such as the green roof over the restaurant, have become real gathering points for these precious insects.


Less plastic and organic products

We have always been committed to reducing single-use plastic. For our breakfast room we have chosen products in Tetra Pak, 100% recyclable packaging, limiting the use of plastic only for products where single portions are required for safety reasons. However, we are still thinking about new solutions for the future!

In the apartments, we have replaced ‘courtesy sets’ with soaps in refillable packages, and we have done the same for cleaning products available in each apartment.

For breakfast, we always try to select organic products, derived from natural ingredients, locally sourced and ethically made!


100% green hygiene with ozoniser and organic detergents

 To ensure maximum hygiene without resorting to cleaning products, aggressive to humans and harmful to the environment, we are always looking for natural and very effective cleaning methods.

We have a special machine available, called Ozoniser, 100% effective against dirt, bacteria, viruses, mites and bad smells.

These are our small, but necessary, contributions to the environment. We will be happy if you wish to join our commitment, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the ‘eco friendly’ lifestyle during your stay.


Your “green” holiday is waiting for you in Riva del Garda!


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