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Remote Working on Lake Garda and Trentino

Remote working is becoming an increasingly common practice for many workers. The global health crisis of 2020, alongside changes in lifestyle and in our relationship with work, meant that this practice is now much more popular, no longer limited to creative or high-tech professions.

There are undoubtedly many advantages, including the possibility to organize one’s day independently and working without a specific timetable. With their many services and excellent connection routes with the rest of Italy and Europe, Lake Garda and Trentino are the ideal location for remote working.


What is remote working?

Let’s see specifically what we mean by “remote working”. ‘Remote’ work (also called ‘mobile work’, or ‘telecommuting’) is characterized by the absence of time or space constraints, and by an objective-based organization. There is usually an agreement between employee and employer, who can freely decide how to set up their collaboration. In general, the goal is to help employees reconcile work and private life, without compromising on productivity and results.


How to get organized?

Naturally, there are many differences with office work. First of all, contacts with colleagues and customers are managed electronically. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype will become valuable allies throughout your working day. Organizing your day well is essential. It all depends on the type of duties you have, and the agreements made with your company: some jobs allow you to be connected when you prefer (even in the evening or on weekends) and others that require you to respect timetables. However, try to build your own routine and meet deadlines.


Where can I work remotely?

The answer to this question can be only one: anywhere where you’ll find your ideal working conditions. We all work differently: some love being around other people (even when working remotely) and others feel more comfortable working alone. For the more social among you, those who enjoy having a ‘desk neighbour’ even when working remotely, Garda Trentino has various coworking spaces. For example, in the village of Arco (10 minutes by bike from the Centro Vela Residence), B.Hub offers desk and office solutions suitable for every need.

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The advantages of Garda and Trentino

What drives many people to choose Garda Trentino for holidays, but also to live and work, is undoubtedly the very high quality of life. The unique environment, services at your fingertips, and the chance to practice many sports are just some of the good reasons to come to this area. Those who work often need to move around quickly and easily: this is why we would like to remind you that Riva del Garda is just a 30-minute drive from the motorway and the Rovereto train station.


Residence Centro Vela Special Offer

Residence Centro Vela is located in a strategic position, a stone’s throw from the lake, but also very close to the road leading to Rovereto. Our large underground car park is always available to our guests. The apartments are spacious, also suitable for those who have to spend several hours there for work. The whole building is covered by powerful Wi-Fi connection, included in the price of the room. Our offers include Long-Stay rates designed for those who want to spend longer periods of time in Garda Trentino.


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