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Lake Garda

Sailing on Lake Garda

Choose Riva as your next base camp!

Why do you think that year after year, more and more people from all over the world choose to come sailing on Lake Garda? Garda Trentino, between the lake and the nearby Dolomites, with its Mediterranean climate and green mountain peaks, is a territory made special by strong contrasts, that will captivate your heart and mind.

Garda Trentino is well known because of its wild nature, ideal for lovers of all kinds of outdoor sports, from trekking to cycling. However, the best sports to practice on Lake Garda are the ones related to the beautiful cobalt blue waters of the lake, first of all, sailing!

Why is Lake Garda such a special place for sailors? Let’s have a look at all the reasons, starting from its winds!

The winds of Lake Garda

Sailing on Lake Garda is an experience that’s definitely worth doing, because this huge lake is perfect for sailing lovers!

Let’s start with the unique panorama sailors can enjoy – a magnificent landscape, with green mountains, beautiful rocky walls and distant snow-capped peaks. However, its winds are the reason why Lake Garda is truly special – and if you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, remember we are talking about regular winds, making sailing trips fun and adrenaline-pumping year round! Waves are never high, and the lake waters are suitable for both experts and beginner sailors.

What are these regular winds that make Lake Garda famous among sailors? From the late morning until late afternoon, the waters of the lake are ruffled by the Ora, which blows from south to north. In the opposite direction, and therefore towards the south, we find the Pelér, blowing from dawn until noon.

To sum up, it’s no coincidence that Lake Garda is known as one of the best and most fascinating regatta courses in Italy! Would you like to know more about regattas on this lake?


Regattas on Lake Garda

Every year, from Easter onwards, countless regattas take place on Lake Garda, with both national and international participants. We are talking about almost 80 different events!

The Garda Optimist Meeting usually opens the sailing season, attracting young sailors from all over the world. Organized by Fraglia Vela Riva, it is the largest sailing event in the world for a specific class, the Optimists, intended for young sailors.

Fraglia Vela Riva will also organize one of the main events this year, the 2020 World Cup, which will place Lake Garda at the centre of the sailing panorama worldwide. In fact, this is just the first of many sailing events, with long-running regattas, as well as European and world championships.

We can’t fail to mention the Zoom 8 world championship, the European Star and 29ers tournaments, the Europa Cup Laser, the Neirotti Trophy, the Riva Cup, the Class A Open national championship, the Slalom world championship and many other not-to-be-missed events.

What about those who want to learn? Sailing courses and schools in Riva del Garda

To sail on Lake Garda you don’t necessarily need to be a skilled sailor – quite the opposite, in fact! As we said before, the waters of the lake are perfect for beginners. For this reason, there are many sailing schools that offer courses at all levels, from beginner to competition level.

The Italian Naval League, Sailing Du Lac, GC32, Fraglia Vela Riva and l’Arché are just some of the main sailing schools in Riva del Garda, ready to show you all the tricks to have fun and improve your performance in the exceptional scenery of Lake Garda.

Let’s take Sailing Du Lac for example – our nearby Residence (5 minutes on foot) has a special agreement with them. They organize courses for children and adults, from beginners to experts, on dinghies, catamarans and many more.


Residence Centro Vela: your ideal base camp to go sailing on Lake Garda

Our name leaves no room for doubt – our Residence is the perfect base camp to train on the waters of Lake Garda, or to prepare for an exciting regatta. We are just a few steps away from the water, and we boast a range of services designed specifically for sailors. For example, our ‘Sailing Team’ proposal includes a rich and varied energy breakfast, a packed lunch for when you’re training outdoors, (use of the fitness centre – TBD), use of our briefing room, warehouse for your sailing equipment, and much, much more.

Let’s also remember that staying at our Residence also allows you to access special deals and agreements, including great discounts for regattas and training!

If you want to go sailing on Lake Garda, Residence Centro Vela is the perfect base camp. It is no coincidence that major international teams and nautical clubs (Team Movistar, Circolo Vela Lugano, Societé Nautique del Genéve, Thunersee Yachtclub, Australian Sailing Team, Malizia Yacht Club de Monaco) as well as top athletes like Tom Slingsby and Tom Burton have already chosen to stay with us!

Ti è venuta voglia di veleggiare? Ti aspettiamo a Riva del Garda con il vento in poppa!

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