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Lake Garda - Lifestyle

A sailing weekend on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is considered a paradise for water sports, especially when it comes to sailing. Two things make it special: the wind and the waves. The wind blows regularly the surface of the lake almost every day of the year; the waves ripple its waters just moderately, creating ideal conditions even for those who are new to sailing.

Garda is internationally known as one of the best regatta locations, and some of the most important competitions at European level are held here. Riva del Garda and Torbole offer a number of services to sailing enthusiasts, with schools and rentals of the highest level. If you are travelling with your significant other, or with group of friends, here you will find everything you need to practice this sport – or to learn about it, in case you don’t have much experience. Let’s have a look at all the various possibilities.


Sailing Courses on Lake Garda

Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole, the three coastal municipalities of Garda Trentino, have more than ten sailing schools. These include associations and clubs, organizing sailing courses for all types of experience, from beginners to experts. The Centro Vela Residence has an agreement with Fraglia Vela Riva, one of the oldest sailing schools on Lake Garda. Fraglia Vela offers courses for children (6-10 years), young people (10-16 years), adults and families.

Sailing courses for adults can be individual or group, on school boats, or boats owned by the student. It’s also possible to organize excursions with a skipper, to get closer to sailing, but also to discover Lake Garda in a different way.


Catamaran Courses on Lake Garda

A different way to explore the lake and its beauty is sailing on a catamaran. In fact, many sailing schools offer courses to learn how to sail this type of boat.

Unlike sailboats, catamarans are equipped with two hulls, so they offer more space and stability. The bow net, stretched between the two hulls, is perfect to sunbathe or for a moment of relaxation at the end of navigation.

From a technical point of view, sailboats are immersed in the water, while catamarans rest on it. As a result, sailing on a catamaran is much faster!


Renting a sailboat

If you know how to sail, you can rent the boat of your choice for a few hours, or for a whole day. All the main sailing schools also offer rental service: you can choose between windsurfs and sailboats, kite surfs and SUP, canoes and catamarans.

The choice is truly vast; it all depends on your preferences and skills. Prices naturally vary according to the type of equipment, and the duration of the rental. For sailing boats, it starts from a few hundred euros, but it can also be much more expensive, for example, you need to be accompanied by a skipper.


Buying a second-hand sailboat

During your holiday on Lake Garda, if you discover that sailing is the perfect sport for you, you can always buy your very own boat – new or second-hand!

On the lake, you’ll find several nautical centers with boats for sale. If it’s your first boat, we recommend a second-hand model. In this way, you won’t have to spend too much to become a perfect sailor!

Sailing day trips with a skipper

Excursions with a skipper are another possibility, giving you the chance to learn more about sailing, and to discover Lake Garda in a different way.

Think of how beautiful it will be to sail on Lake Garda in comfort and style, perhaps enjoying a sunset drink… you can do it! Maybe combining this experience with a stay in a lake view apartment, at Residence Centro Vela of course!


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