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Lake Garda

What to do at Lake Garda with children: 7 outdoor activities not to be missed

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy Lake Garda with the whole family. Thanks to the natural wonders and various outdoor amusement parks, there are many activities to do around the lake with children. Let’s discover 7 unique experiences to enjoy with your little explorers.


Barefoot in the Wood of Fata Gavardina

esperienza sensoriale


What could be more magical than exploring an enchanted forest? In the Bosco della Fata Gavardina, your children can have a unique sensory experience by walking barefoot on natural paths made of sand, earth, stones, and wood. This trail, located in Val Concei, is perfect for children to rediscover direct contact with nature and stimulate their curiosity. It’s unmissable because…

  • it offers an unforgettable sensory experience
  • it puts your children in direct contact with nature
  • it’s suitable for all ages

Adventure Archery Park

adventure archery park


If your children are passionate about Robin Hood or simply love challenges, the Adventure Archery Park in Dro is the perfect place for them to spend a memorable day. Here they can try their hand at archery in a safe and fun environment. Expert instructors will guide them through various skill challenges, turning every child into a little archer. It’s unmissable because…

  • it allows for outdoor sports activities in a safe environment
  • with qualified instructors
  • it offers challenges suitable for different age groups


Elias Adventure Park

Elias adventure park


For little adventurers who are not afraid to test themselves, Elias Adventure Park offers a series of adventure courses among the trees. Located in Dro, under the Brento mountain wall, this adventure park has courses of varying difficulty levels, suitable for both younger children and older kids. One thing is certain: climbing, sliding, and overcoming suspended obstacles will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. It’s unmissable because…

  • it offers many different courses
  • it ensures the safety of both young and old
  • it provides a day of adrenaline for the whole family


Terrace of the stars at Viote

terrazza delle stelle alle viote


If your children are fascinated by stars and planets, a visit to the Terrace of the stars at Viote is a must. This astronomical observatory offers guided evening sky observations where children can learn to recognize constellations, planets, and other wonders of the firmament. An educational and fascinating experience that will leave them speechless. It’s unmissable because…

  • it guides children in observing the sky
  • it allows learning while having fun
  • it’s the ideal experience for outdoor family evenings


Prabi AquaPark

prabi acquapark


When it’s hot, there’s nothing better than some water fun. The Prabi AquaPark in Arco is a true paradise for children: with slides, pools, and all kinds of water games, your little ones can cool off and have fun safely. It’s definitely the ideal place to spend a day of relaxation and fun. It’s unmissable because…

  • it offers a wide variety of water games
  • it ensures fun for the whole family
  • it’s the perfect solution for hot days


Agrisalus Educational Farm

fattoria agrisalus


For a quiet and fascinating experience, visit the Agrisalus Educational Farm in Arco. This place allows children to get close to animals, discover how vegetables are grown, and participate in creative workshops. It’s an opportunity to learn while having fun and to spend a day outdoors in nature. It’s unmissable because…

  • it allows children to have an experience in contact with animals
  • it offers educational and fun activities
  • it allows spending a day in a natural environment


Walk with donkeys at Malga Zanga

passeggiata con gli asini


Another unmissable activity is the walk with donkeys at Malga Zanga, also in Arco. Located near Riva del Garda, this malga offers the opportunity to go on guided hikes with friendly donkeys, making the experience unique and memorable. Speaking from experience: children will love interacting with these sweet animals and discovering the wonderful landscapes of the area. It’s unmissable because…

  • you can pet the donkeys
  • you can enjoy guided hikes
  • you can cross breathtaking landscapes



Lake Garda offers a myriad of fun and educational activities for children during the summer. From contact with nature in the Bosco della Fata Gavardina, to adventures among the trees in the Elias Adventure Park, to starry evenings at the Terrazza delle Stelle, there’s something for all tastes and ages. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation at Lake Garda and give your children an unforgettable summer!


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