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The Residence Centro Vela Team


Without a close-knit team, Residence Centro Vela wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we’re happy to introduce you to them: Tomas, Debora, and Michelle, a charismatic and competent team, working every day to provide you with unforgettable experiences.

And here they are, ready to introduce themselves: Tomas, with his passion for gastronomy and attention to detail, warmly welcomes guests with care. Debora, determined and passionate about the region, strives to offer you a unique experience. And then there’s Michelle, caring and always smiling, who brings a family atmosphere to the reception.

With them at the helm, you navigate in safe waters.





Hello! I’m Tomas, the owner of Residence Centro Vela. I grew up in a family dedicated to the culinary arts, both in Italy and Austria.

In 2006, after leaving the management of Ristorante Zanoni, I embarked on a new adventure: I decided to take the reins of Residence Centro Vela, already owned by my family.

With the partial renovation in 2014, we inaugurated our breakfast room – also open to outsiders – where you can find me most days.

Here, I rediscovered my true passion: gastronomy. And here I am in the kitchen, preparing sauces that enhance the taste of Trentino yogurt and spread on bread, baked fresh every morning in our oven.

I personally select local products to offer our guests and pay particular attention to quality. When necessary, I assist my staff, supporting the reception if needed and welcoming guests to Residence Centro Vela.

In my free time, I love watching the lake while running or walking: every time, I find myself observing the ripples on the water’s surface and think about how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful place.

My motto? “I don’t need vacations: I live by the lake!”





Hello! I’m Debora, Trentino mind, southern heart. Yes, because I was born and raised in Riva del Garda by a father from Riva and a Calabrian mother.

My family has always been my strength, and here at Residence Centro Vela, it has expanded even more. In 2006, after completing my university studies during which I gained various experiences in tourism and the congress sector, my adventure at Residence Centro Vela began.

It was love at first sight, and since then, we haven’t parted ways. I know every corner of it, and I love working here. Of course, it’s not always easy. But passion is renewed day by day and drives me to do better and better.

During the 2014 renovation, we had to discuss the interior design: so, I had the opportunity to add a touch of my personal taste to some spaces of Residence Centro Vela, such as the Comfort apartments and the breakfast room.

Where can you find me? A bit everywhere: I oversee the structure, and I enjoy welcoming guests to Residence Centro Vela, many of whom have become dear friends over the years.

I like to engage with customers in the breakfast room to get to know them better and to ensure that every detail lives up to their expectations.

I always try to meet special requests and ensure that the apartments are prepared correctly. Finally, I strive to communicate our work effectively through social media and our website.

In this regard, through the blog publication, I try to tell the story of our region, the events, the courses, but also what guests can find staying at Residence Centro Vela.





Hello, I’m Michelle, the receptionist at Residence Centro Vela, and I have to confess something: I’m not Debora’s sister, nor a relative of hers, as many of our guests think!

To tell the truth, we’re not even compatriots: I was born in Bratislava, where I grew up listening to my father speak in German, my grandmother in Hungarian, and my neighbors in Czech. Languages that belong to me and to which, years later, I added Italian.

After completing my studies at the Faculty of Economics in Ancona, life led me here, to Riva del Garda. I left the sea for the lake, seafood risotto for venison ragout, and hills for high mountains.

Moving here was a bit like returning to my hometown: I rediscovered the four seasons, snowdrops, daffodils, and irises, which remind me of the gardens of my childhood. I also rediscovered goulash and Bohemian dumplings, as well as streets with Czech names and ancient Habsburg palaces.

The reception of Residence Centro Vela is my living room. I can recommend the best hiking trails, suggest the most suitable bike routes. What’s the most exciting part of my job? Welcoming guests and holding children in my arms.

I look forward to welcoming you to Residence Centro Vela!



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