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Lake Garda - Sport & outdoor

Italy welcomes the Youth Sailing World Championships

The most significant event for World Sailing arrives on the shores of Lake Garda.

What are the Youth Sailing World Championships?


From July 13th to July 20th, the northern shores of Lake Garda are gearing up to host one of the world’s most famous sailing events: the Youth Sailing World Championships, a globally renowned sporting event that will draw thousands of water sports enthusiasts to the areas of Riva del Garda, Torbole, and Malcesine.


After the Olympic Games, these youth world championships represent the most important event for sailing competitions. The numbers speak for themselves: 11 youth disciplines, totaling 900 participants including athletes and technicians. The male and female fleets of the following classes will be present:

  • 29er
  • 420
  • ILCA6
  • Nacra15
  • Formula Kite
  • Windsurf Youth iQFOiL


Campionati Mondiali Giovanili di vela


Youth Sailing World Championships: an opportunity for athletes and the territory


The Youth Sailing World Championships have often been a turning point in the careers of many sailing champions, starting with the Trentino native Ruggero Tita, an Olympic medalist at Tokyo 2020 and ambassador of the event.


These championships will be an opportunity for young Italian athletes to test themselves and compete with the best in the world in an international and stimulating environment. Indeed, 70 nations, with their crews, will be present at the Youth Sailing World Championships.


Expectations for the Italian team are high, considering the results achieved at the World Championships in Brazil. Italy obtained 6 medals and won the Nations Trophy 2023.


A trail of successes in various sailing specialties, inaugurated in the 420 M by the victory of Adriano Quan Cardi and Mattia Tognocchi (Circolo Vela Antignano), by the gold in the ILCA 6 M by Mattia Cesana (Fraglia Vela Riva), and continued by Emma Mattivi (Fraglia Vela Riva) in the ILCA female category, with a silver medal. Silver was also obtained in the 29er M/Mix by Alex Demurtas (Fraglia Vela Riva) and Giovanni Santi (SCG Salò), who had an excellent world championship.


All these youngsters have been guests of the Residence Centro Vela on several occasions, accompanied by their respective clubs. They have also stayed here during the gatherings of the National Agonistic Group, supervised by the coach Marcello Meringolo, whom we had the pleasure to interview here.


In short, new talents from the Optimist class that bode well for the Italian sailing world.


The Youth Sailing World Championships represent an opportunity for the North Lake Garda territory, which will have the chance to promote its image as a tourist destination dedicated to outdoor sports, particularly water sports, at an international level.


With the allocation of the Youth Sailing World Championships, the Garda region has received a great vote of confidence from the International Sailing Federation – World Sailing. Especially considering that the 2024 edition will be a special one: it will be the first championships in 50 years organized by multiple sailing clubs, and unlike the past, athletes will not stay in the same facility but in various accommodations in Garda Trentino.



Organizations involved in the event


The event will involve a multitude of associations, public entities, and organizations dedicated to environmental protection.


Regarding the event planning, it will be handled by the Organizing Committee, composed of Fraglia della Vela Riva, Lega Navale Italiana Riva del Garda, Circolo Vela Arco, Circolo Surf Torbole, Circolo Vela Torbole, Fraglia Vela Malcesine.


Furthermore, the Youth Sailing World Championships will be held under the principles of sustainability, thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and with the One Ocean Foundation (OOF), an Italian foundation aiming to accelerate solutions to ocean problems.



The “Champions” of Residence Centro Vela


As Residence Centro Vela, we are always honored to participate in the organization of world-class events. The excellent promotion work of the Garda territory once again demonstrates that collaboration among the various actors of North Lake Garda is the right path to take.


Over the years, we have had the honor of hosting great champions at Residence Centro Vela. Thanks to our proximity to the lake, our many years of experience in hosting sailing teams, and our passion, we have been chosen by Olympic sailing champions such as Tom Slingsby, Tom Burton, Matt Wearn, and Diego Romero Paschetta.


We have also had the great pleasure of hosting Marco Gradoni, Jacopo Plazzi Marzotto, Andrea Tesei, and Umberto Molineris, now engaged in the preparation of the America’s Cup with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.


We wish all the athletes a world championship full of medals: the doors of Residence Centro Vela are always open.



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